In college, I fell in love with Japanese Buddhist art

«Liberals conceded too much to the power elite. The tragedy of the liberal class and the institutions it controls is that it succumbed to opportunism and finally to fear. It abrogated its moral code. Locksley is a four man band from Madison, Wisconsin, which is where I went to college, so go badgers! The group’s doo wop power pop style is as catchy as it is raucous. Boys, I’m willing to bet that there will be girls at this show, and that they will want to dance. Go get ’em.

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Sister Margaret was dressed as a shimmery golden fairy. Imagine. Micael, have a speedy recovery. In college, I fell in love with Japanese Buddhist art. Studying Buddhist sculpture led me to Japanese literature and films. I appreciated each man’s talents, but over the years I came to prefer the writing ofYasunari Kawabataand the films of Yasujir Ozu,Kenji Mizoguchi and Mikio Naruse(who directed one of Kawabata’s best known works: The Sound of the Mountain).

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